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The Best Baits For Crappie Fishing

Crappie are schooling fish that tend to gather near cover such as submerged brush piles or docks, especially during their mating season. Crappie also prefer shallow waters when it’s time for reproduction. For optimal crappie fishing, try pairing live minnows or grubs with a small jig head and fishing them beneath a slip bobber for optimal depth control. Jigs Crappie are known to move deeper…

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Top 3 Crappie Spawning Areas

Crappie fisheries can be found all around lakes and waters, with baitfish staging areas often providing an effective starting point. Finding such areas early on when approaching new lakes or in transitional seasons like spring is also recommended for successful crappie fishing. Canals that warm quickly and offer cover are ideal environments for early spring crappie fishing, providing protection from cold front conditions…

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How to do a Linux unzip to a specific location

To unzip a file to a specific location in Linux, you can use the unzip command with the -d option followed by the target directory. Here’s how you can do it: Example Bash Navigation Command cd Downloads Example Unzip Command unzip example.zip -d ~/myfolder The ~ represents your home directory, so ~/myfolder specifies the target…

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How to do a Linux unzip

To unzip a file in Linux, you can use the unzip command. Here’s how you can do it: Open the terminal on your Linux system.Navigate to the directory where the ZIP file is located using the cd command. For example, if your ZIP file is in the Downloads folder, you can use the following command:…

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The Origin of the Deep Dish Pizza

Many are familiar with Chicago-style deep dish pizza, yet few know who created it. According to popular belief, Ike Sewell (a former University of Texas football player) and Ric Riccardo may have invented it at Pizzeria Uno in 1943. Riccardo became so queasy after tasting an enchilada that he insisted they pursue pizza as their business plan instead.…

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