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Feeding Your Tomatoes – A Guide to Fertilizing For Optimal Growth

Tomatoes require a balanced supply of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. When selecting organic manure or commercial manufactured fertilizers as fertilizers for growing tomatoes, make sure that you read and follow all instructions thoroughly. By including compost or worm castings in your planting mix, compost will provide slow-releasing nutrients that your tomatoes’ roots can access easily.…

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Watering Wisdom – Tips For Keeping Your Tomato Plants Hydrated

Tomato plants should be watered regularly when they begin producing fruit, as this will prevent blossom end rot and preserve its health and structure. Watering wisely also reduces chances of blossom end rot threatening its development further down the plant’s stem. For optimal soil moisture levels, inserting a skewer near plant roots into the soil.…

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DIY Tomato Cages: A Simple and Effective Support System

  Tomato cages are essential tools for controlling indeterminate tomato plants. They help balance heavy top growth while protecting them from disease. These tomato cages are simple and straightforward to build. Not only will they support your tomatoes securely, but you only require various size boards and screws for this project. Supporting Tomatoes Tomato plants…

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Tomato Gardening: A Beginner’s Guide

Tomato plants require ample sun in order to thrive and ripen, so select an area away from buildings, trees and tall shrubs that offers ample exposure. Prepare, or harden off, tomato seedlings prior to transplanting by pinching off lower leaves and pinching back lower sets of leaves from each stem, which encourages healthy root development…

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