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Harvest Moon

In the October night’s embrace, it looms, A silver orb in the midnight’s gloom, The Harvest Moon, a radiant boon, A beacon in the vast celestial room. It rises slow, with an amber hue, Casting shadows ‘neath the trees it strew, A lantern in the autumn’s waning days, Illuminating paths in its gentle blaze. Its…

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Understanding Modular Development for SQL

Modularity is one of the cornerstones of system design. By separating API code and implementation code, modularity makes switching technologies (like database engines ) simpler, while creating an agile development environment. Stored procedures are an invaluable way of encasing SQL code. They also increase maintainability by making updating or changing queries simpler. Definition Modular programming…

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Recipe – Buttery Mashed Roasted Butternut Squash For Two

Now that it is fall and our garden butternut squash are mature, we have started harvesting them and making mashed butternut squash to go with our dinner. We make a couple of simple variations on the recipe depending on our mood. Here’s a simple recipe for buttery mashed roasted butternut squash for two: Ingredients: Savory…

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The Connection Between Self-Care and Self-Confidence

Self-care refers to taking steps intentionally designed to promote physical, emotional and social well-being – such as getting fresh air or exercising – or taking a break from technology. Neglecting self-care can result in feelings of burnout and stress. Additionally, neglecting this aspect of health is detrimental to overall health and well-being. Therefore, practicing self-care and building confidence is integral for overall wellness…

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Ghosts of the Past

In the chill of October’s night, When shadows dance by pale moonlight, There stirs a feeling in the air, Of ghosts of the past, we’re all aware. They come to us in whispers low, In memories from long ago, October’s the time to reminisce, Of loved ones we dearly miss. Ghosts of the past, they…

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