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How To Dress Up A Can Of Baked Beans

Add flavorful flair to canned beans by dressing them up with maple syrup, molasses, ketchup or mustard for a delicious twist. Best of all, no complex recipes need be developed; all it takes to transform canned beans into an exciting meal is adding ingredients as they heat on the stovetop. Garnish With Fresh Herbs Simply…

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How to Use More Olive Oil in Your Meals

Olive oil adds depth of flavor and balance to both sweet and savory foods, complementing spices while simultaneously counteracting high acid dishes and providing an exquisite finishing oil. Olive oils such as extra-virgin or refined olive oils are great for low-temperature cooking, while vegetable oils work better at higher heats. Add it to smoothies Olive…

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Taking Care of Your Garden Tools

Care for your garden tools will ensure they work smoothly and last longer, as cleaning, disinfecting, and oiling them regularly will protect plants from disease spread through dirty tools. Before storing wooden tools, ensure they have been thoroughly rinsed and dried before being stored away. Sand the handles using medium grit sandpaper before wiping them…

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How To Grow Pole Beans

Pole beans thrive best when grown in full sunlight and well-draining soil, and should be fertilized with either vegetable fertilizer or manure before being planted. Consider creating a teepee system to facilitate the easy growth of bean vines. Collect three or four long bamboo stakes, sticks or trellis pieces and tie them at their bases before…

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The Ecology of the American Smallmouth Bass

Redbud trees blooming and streamside sycamores displaying new green leaves mark Oklahoma’s favorite sport fish spawning season, the Neosho smallmouth bass. Researchers with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation implanted many Neosho smallmouth bass with radio tags in 2015. Tracking them has revealed that they converge at various parts of the system throughout winter, such…

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