Gardening – Landscape And Garden Deer Repellent

Landscape And Garden Deer Repellent

Liquid Deer Repellent

As a backyard and garden deer repellent, you can create your masking agents, which will work like the commercial product “Liquid Fence.” The homemade version would go something like this:

  • Boiling some rosemary, garlic, and Onion (in not too much water, you want it strong to place in a sprayer or squirt bottle)
  • Let it cool, pour into a garden bucket or other none food container, then add:
  • Hot sauce, the hotter, the better (e.g., Habanero or ghost)
  • Add a couple of tablespoons of dish soap (it will not hurt your plant)
  • Mix well at a low speed
  • Fill your sprayer and squirt bottle and spray the plant and the surrounding area.
Protect your eyes and skin before you spray – hot sauce in the eyes is not a good thing.

You will need to reapply after rain and periodically, even during dry periods.

Other Options To Consider Are

  • Hang or place a couple of strong-smelling bars of soap near your plants and put a few shaving around the plant, but not too many.
  • If you are very serious, a small electric fence is effective and can be acquired from your local farm supply or online (no animal cruelty intended).
  • The best long-term defense is a good privacy fence six feet or more in height.  Under normal circumstances, deer will not jump over something which they cannot see on the other side.

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