How to Verify PeopleSoft Record Build in Oracle

A frequent problem during migrations of PeopleSoft record definitions is the omission of a record build, even though the record exists in the PeopleTools project Meta Data.  An easily way to solve this issue is to run a SQL script to test the new record exist and/or that altered record field(s) exist.  A simple count script can provide the necessary answers and save lost project time and reduce testing defect research and resolution activities up front.  Here a couple of quick samples, which can be assembled into a script and run in Oracle SQL Developer as a script.

Verify that a new PeopleSoft record exists in Oracle

SELECT COUNT(*) AS CNT_<<RecordName>>

FROM PS_<<RecordName>>;

Verify that a new field exists on an existing PeopleSoft record in Oracle

SELECT COUNT(<<FieldName>>) As CNT_<<RecordName_FieldName>>

FROM PS_<<RecordName>>;

Note: This SQL can also, be used to see if a field was dropped, only it should produce an error for the removed field.

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