IBM InfoSphere DataStage Migration Checklist

Assuming that your InfoSphere instance has been installed and configured, here is a quick migration checklist to assist in making sure that you have performed the essential tasks.

Major TasksParent-TasksChild-taskCompletion Status
Create Migration Package   
 Create Database scripts  
 Export DataStage components  
 Gather support files  
 Compress migration package  
 Baseline migration package in CM Tool  
 Upload package to target environment  
Deploy Database Components   
 Backup target databases  
 Deploy database components  
 Resolve script errors  
 Create JDBC, ODBC,  and/or TNSNAMES entries  
 Install and Configure RDBMS client on Infosphere server  
 Load configuration and conversion data (if not loaded by ETL)  
Deploy Support Files   
 Create File Structures  
 Surrogate Key Files  
 System Administration Scripts  
 Job Scripts  
 Node Configuration Files  
Deploy DataStage Components   
 Create Project (if required)  
  Configure Project and/or Project Parameters (if required) 
 Import ETL’s into DataStage  
 Update Parameters and Parameter sets (if required)  
  File paths 
  Database names 
  Database credentials 
 Update job properties  
  File paths 
 Compile ETL using Multiple Job Compile  
 Resolve compilation errors  
Smoke Test   
Finalize CM Baseline