Pumpkin – New England Pie

ClassificationDays To MaturityFruit SizeWeightSkin ColorHabitNotes
Pumpkin80 – 100Average 8″ to 12″ around5-8#Bright orange skin andLarge vines up to 12′, which 2 or 3 fruit per plant.This New England pumpkin is dependable and easy to grow, Lightly ribbed (also known as Small Sugar). They are orange globes, slightly flattened at both ends and lightly ribbed. Flesh is thick, yellow-orange, fine-grained, stringless and sweet. Makes cute mini jack-o-lanterns for Halloween.
Seed DepthSeeds Per groupSeed SpacingSpace Between HillsDay To GerminationThin To (Plants Per hill)
1″8 -102″2-3′3-73-4
SpeciesGenusYear IntroducedHeirloomResistance
UsageEdible – Good food qualities. Superb flavor is preferred by many chefs.
StorageFair keeper
Space SaverNo Suggestions

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