Pumpkin – Big Max



To Maturity

Fruit Size


Skin Color Habit Notes
Pumpkin 100 – 120 days Extra-Large

18 to 20 X 24″

35 – 100 lbs Orange and relatively smooth Very Large Vines 10 to 15 feet The bright yellow-orange flesh is 3 to 4 inches thick. They will commonly grow to 50 to 70 pounds (perhaps larger with extra care). Big Max needs plenty of room to grow. This is a truly lovely pumpkin which I have raised consistently since the 1970’s.
Seed Depth

Seeds Per group

Seed Spacing

Space Between Hills

Day To Germination Thin To
(Plants Per hill)
1 -1½ “ 4-6 18″ 15 to 20 feet 6-10 1 or 2


Year Introduced Heirloom Resistance


  Yes Unknown
Usage Edible, but also grown as a large carver or for novelty displays.
Storage Good Keeper
Space Saver No suggestions

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