Gardening – Boston Marrow Winter Squash

Gardening - Boston Marrow Winter Squash

The ‘Boston Marrow’, also known as ‘Autumnal Marrow’, squash is thin-skinned and easily damaged. One of the oldest squash still available, it is shaped somewhat like a classic ‘Hubbard’ but has soft, orange skin and is slightly rounder. The thick yellow-orange flesh is dry, fine-grained, and very sweet. Its buttery texture and freshness make it hard to match pies and custard.

Days To Maturity95 – 120
Fruit Size12-16 in. long, 9-12 in wide.
Weight10 -26 lbs
Skin ColorBright orange or bluish-pink
HabitVining with 14 to 16-foot vines.
Seed Depth½ – 1″
Seeds Per group4 -6
Seed Spacing6″
Space Between Hills4 – 6′
Day To Germination7 – 14
Thin To (Plants Per hill)2
Year IntroducedUnknown – in common usage by the 1700’s
UsageEdible – Very good food qualities
StorageGood Keeper
Space SaverNo suggestions
Boston Marrow Winter Squash

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