Winter Squash – Delicata

Classification Days To Maturity Fruit Size Weight
Skin Color Habit Notes
Squash 100 Oblong fruits cylindrical fruits 5-9 inches long and 1½ – 3 inches in diameter ½ to 2 lb. Ivory-cream longitudinally streaked with dark green on the ribs show some color flecks. Vining – Short robust vines are high-yielding. Also known as “Sweet Potato Squash” or “Peanut Squash”, this squash is unusually sweet, though thin-fleshed, and has deep orange, tender, and dry fine-grained flesh flavor.
Seed Depth Seeds Per group Seed Spacing Space Between Hills Day To Germination Thin To (Plants Per hill)
¼ – 1/2 “ 4 6″ 2′ 3 – 7 2
Species Genus Year Introduced Heirloom Resistance
Cucurbita pepo 1894 Yes Unknown
Usage Allow fruits to remain on the vine until fully mature. Gather before frost, leaving part of the stem attached to the fruit. Cure in a warm area for a week to 10 days, then store.
Storage Good Keeper 
Space Saver This squash is an excellent climber and is recommended for growing on a lattice or fence.

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