Winter Squash – Green and White Striped Cushaw

Also, known as the Tennessee Sweet Potato. Fruits are pear-shaped with a crookneck. Flesh is pale yellow, thick, medium coarse with the sweet Cushaw flavor. This has long been a southern favor for gardeners. The green-striped Cushaw’s large, vigorous vines are resistant to the squash vine borer, which kills other squash and pumpkin plants

Classification Days To Maturity Fruit Size Weight Skin Color Habit
Squash 100-110 16 20 in. long with an 8 10 in 10 – 40 Lbs Cream colored with mottled green stripes. Vining: 10 – 12 feet
Seed Depth Seeds Per group Seed Spacing Space Between Hills Day To Germination Thin To (Plants Per hill)
1″ 6-8 3″ 10-12′ 10-14 2-3
Species Genus Year Introduced Heirloom
Cucurbita Argyrosperma 1820 Yes
Resistance Vine Borer
Usage Edible – Excellent food qualities –
Storage Good Keeper
Space Saver No suggestions

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