Winter Squash – Lakota

A unique variety, once cherished by the Lakota Sioux, and distinctly pear-shaped. The skin color is a variegated green and orange, although some fruit will be entirely orange and others entirely green. The fine-grained orange flesh has a sweet and nutty flavor

ClassificationDays To MaturityFruit SizeWeightSkin ColorHabit
Squash85 – 90Small3 – 7 lbsDark green blotches and red/rangeVining
Seed DepthSeeds Per groupSeed SpacingSpace Between HillsDay To GerminationThin To (Plants Per hill)
½ -1 Inch2-34″3- 6 feet7-101
SpeciesGenusYear IntroducedHeirloomResistance
UsageEdible – Very good food qualities
StorageGood Keeper
Space SaverThis squash is an excellent climber and is recommended for growing on a lattice or fence.

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