Winter Squash – Neck Pumpkin


This forerunner of the modern-day butternut varieties is believed to have originated in Pennsylvania, U.S.A. A very old form of Butternut squash with a large long curving neck. Interior is thick rich sweet yellow-orange flesh with a nutty flavor. Grows well in the southern U.S.A.

ClassificationDays To MaturityFruit SizeWeightSkin ColorHabit
Squash100-120Average 18″ to 30″ long and 3″ to 5″ inches in width, and ending in a 9″ bulb.10 -30#smooth light-Buff/TanVines grow to 6 feet, producing 4-5 squash per plant.
Seed DepthSeeds Per groupSeed SpacingSpace Between HillsDay To GerminationThin To (Plants Per hill)
½ -1″3-43″10-12′7-141-2
SpeciesGenusYear IntroducedHeirloomResistance
CucurbitaMoschataVery Old – Date UnknownYesExcellent resistance to vine borers.
UsageEdible – Very good food qualities.
StorageGood keeper
Space SaverPick young and use as summer squash.

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