When to Plant Strawberries?

Planting Young Strawberry Plants
planting young strawberry plants

Strawberry growers can’t wait until the last minute; they need to plan ahead if they are going to get a crop that you can be proud of.

Plant Strawberries in fall or in early spring. If planting in the fall wait until the heat breaks and the nights start to cool. Otherwise, you may lose your plants or find yourself putting much effort into watering and caring, so you don’t. Early fall planting allows strawberries to harden for the winter, given proper protection, and allow them to set fruit for the coming spring. If planting in early spring as the soil dries enough to be workable and all the hard freezes have pasted in your area. . Do not try to plant in overly wet soil. Early planting allows the plants to become established before the arrival of hot weather.

Early fall planting usually works best in climates with milder winters, such as the south, the southwest, mid to southern coastal areas.

Strawberry Plant To Be Transplanted

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