What is an Enterprise Process Scheduler?


What is an Enterprise Scheduler?

The enterprise scheduler can be thought of as a capstone or top of stack process orchestration application, which automates, monitors and controls workflow throughout the enterprise IT infrastructure.

Enterprise Process Scheduler Common Capabilities

Common Enterprise Scheduler Capabilities (not exhaustive) when compared to common operating system Schedulers (e.g. CRON, Windows Scheduler):

  • Built-in Reporting Capability.
  • Flexibility in recovery operations
  • Integration – Web Services, COM Interfaces
  • Intervention capabilities, including retries, alerts, job stream suspension, auto-restarts, and upstream/downstream dependency monitoring
  • Management Console capability
  • Multi-Platform Support (Windows, Unix /Linux, IBM, etc.)
  • Multiple Calendar Support (Fiscal, Gregorian, etc.)
  • Out of the box integration with other COTS systems (ERP, ETL, Database, etc.)
  • Queuing Concept for Load Management
  • Runbook Automation
  • Scripting Capability
  • Security – LDAP and Roles based security capability
  • Self Service Automation
  • single point of control, you can view and manage composite and/or cross-application, workloads
  • Workload Automation

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