New Zealand Spinach, another hot weather Spinach Option

New Zealand Spinach
New Zealand Spinach

This is my first year growing New Zealand spinach (Tetragonia expansa),  also known as Cook’s cabbage, Carpetweed, or tetragon, and it has done very well.  It survived the hot weather, although, not as prolific as Malabar spinach during the hundred degrees plus weather, with drip irrigation it produced.  Now that the weather has turned cool, it has really come into its own.  It survived the first frost, which the Malabar spinach did not and survived several other days into the low thirties and high twenties and is still producing here in San Antonio in late January.

Sometimes described as vine-like, the vines were more like a ground-hugging creeper for me this year, which filled and spilled out of over the sides of the 4’x4′ raised bed.

New Zealand Spinach In 4’x4′ raised bed hanging over sides

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  1. NZ spinach is great! I grow it here in Melbourne where the summers are so hot and dry. It’s good ’cause it doesn’t need heaps of water. Over here they call it Warrigal greens.

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