Almost Homemade – Yellow Rice With Broccoli

This is a quick and healthy way to stretch a package of Yellow Rice or Yellow Rice with Broccoli mix.  This side dish is one we have only recently added to our selection of quick and easy ways to freshen up boxed products.  We have sided it as a side a couple of time when casually entertaining friends and it has been well received.

I usually start with a 16-ounce package of frozen chopped broccoli or broccoli florets, but chopped fresh broccoli will work just fine if you happen to have it.  Feel free to adjust the quantity of broccoli according to your families tastes.  The first time I made this side dish, I actually measured an exact cup of broccoli and it very nicely.

Cooking Process

You may want to deviate from this process, but this is how I do to ensure that broccoli doesn’t overpower the flavor and to keep preparation time to a minimum.

  • Put rice on to cook according to the directions, which normally takes about 25 minutes to cook.
  • About ten minutes into the rice cooking time, put the broccoli on to steam on high. This allows about 15 minutes for the broccoli to heat and cook until tender.
  • Once the rice and broccoli are cooked and still hot, combine in a mixing bowl or other appropriate container, and serve.
  • Steam cauliflower, until tender

Optional Flavor Suggestions

  • If you would like to dress it up a notch, consider adding a tablespoon of grated Parmesan cheese or Parmesan and Romano cheese


  • We have found this to make an excellent reheatable side dish for lunches, as well.