Infosphere Information Server Application Roles


Each application in InfoSphere Information Server Architecture  has a primary function, which can by synopsized as follows:

ApplicationFunction Synopsis
Blueprint DirectorIBM InfoSphere Blueprint Director is aimed at the Information Architect designing solution architectures for information-intensive projects.
Cognos IBM Business Analytics software suit, which provides Semantics, Analytics, Reporting, Data Discovery, and Self-Service BI.
ConsoleAdmin workspaces to investigate data, deploy applications, Web services, and monitor schedules and logs.
Data Architect Data Architect is an enterprise data modeling and integration design tool. You can use it to discover, model, visualize, relate, and standardize diverse and distributed data assets, including dimensional models.
Data Click Data Click is an exciting new capability that helps novices and business users retrieve data and provision systems easily in only a few clicks.
DatastageDataStage is a data integration tool that enables users to move and transform data between operational, transactional, and analytical target systems.
DiscoveryDiscovery is used to identify the transformation rules that have been applied to source system data to populate a target. Once accurately defined, these business objects and transformation rules provide the essential input into information-centric projects.
FasttrackFastTrack streamlines collaboration between business analysts, data modelers, and developers by capturing and defining business requirements in a common format and, then, transforming that business logic (Source-to-Target-Mapping (STTM)) directly into DataStage ETL jobs.
Governance CatalogThe Governance Catalog includes business glossary assets (categories, terms, information governance policies, and information governance rules) and information assets.
Information AnalyzerInformation Analyzer provides capabilities to profile and analyze data.
Information Services DirectorInformation Services Director provides a unified and consistent way to publish and manage shared information services in a service-oriented architecture (SOA).
Metadata Asset ManagerImport, export, and manage common metadata assets in Metadata Repository and across applications
QualitystageQualityStage provides data cleansing capabilities to help ensure quality and consistency by standardizing, validating, matching, and merging information to create comprehensive and authoritative information.
Server ManagerDeployment tool to move, deploy, and control DataStage and QualityStage assets.

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