Netezza / PureData – How to find and kill table locks

Sometimes there is a need to find and/or kill (terminate) table locks, so, that application process and user access can be restored.  To do this is relatively straight forward if you have access and the appropriate permission to the Netezza PureData server.

How to find table locks on a Netezza database

  • Log into the Netezza server
  • From the command line, navigate to Netezza directory (e.g. cd /NZ)
  • On the command line, enter show locks command

Show Locks Command (nz_show_locks) Syntax

nz_show_locks <db name> <tablename>

Example Show Locks Command (nz_show_locks)

nz_show_locks dashboard_staging stg_nz_query_history

Netezza PureData Kill Table Session locks

How to kill table locks on a Netezza database

  • Perform find locks above
  • Then, on the command line enter kill sessions locks command

Kill Sessions Command (nzsession) Syntax

nzsession subcmd [subcmd options]

Example Kill Sessions Command (nzsession)

nzsession abort -id  523662 -force

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