Productivity Tip – Changing Owner and Groups on Surrogate Key File


This practice tip, is how we quickly update surrogate key file owner and group in Linux.  This example is leveraging native capabilities of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) to skip a few commands, by using a combined command to set both the owner and group of a surrogate key file in a single command.

Surrogate Key File Owners and Groups

To ensure the DataStage has access to the path and Surrogate files, ensure the ‘dsadm’ (owner) and ‘dstage’ (group) have access to the surrogate key files

Setting Surrogate Key File Owners and Groups

You can change the ownership and group of a surrogate file at the same time, in Linux, with the change owner command. To do this navigate the surrogate key path containing the file, then execute the chown combined command.

Command chown basic format

  • chown <<OWNER>>:<<Group>> <<File Name>>

Example chown command

  • chown dsadm:dstage Blogexampl.txt

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