What is the URL for InfoSphere LaunchPad

This is one of those things that I get from time to time from customers. Although, it’s not a big deal, it is not as easy to find as you might think.  It is included in the IBM documentation, but sometimes running and down in their documentation can be a time in consuming.  Once you’ve identified the URL, I recommend that you bookmark it.

Create an Infosphere LaunchPad Shortcut

  • Also, recommend that you create a shortcut on the desktop, just in case your bookmark disappears.

Purpose of InfoSphere LaunchPad

  • The Launchpad is a single-page interface to use thin-client tools and consoles for IBM InfoSphere Information Server.

Infosphere LaunchPad URL Format

  • https:// <<Host_Server>>:9443/ibm/iis/launchpad/

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