How to stop and restart Cognos Service from Linux command line

I don’t do this very often but recently had to look this up to help out a project.  Stopping and restarting a Cognos from a Linux command line is relatively simple, just a couple of commands.

  • Log on to the reporting server as Root user or a non-root user with administrative privileges.
  • Find the path to install bin directory.  I use this find command, but you can do what works for you:   find . -name “”
  • Launch an and navigate to the bin directory as follows: <Cognos_Home>/bin64
  • Where <Cognos_Home> is the installation location of the Cognos® application.
  • Do the following one or both of the following, according to what you are attempting to do:
    • To start the service, enter the following command: ./ -s
    • To stop the service, enter the following command: ./ -stop

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