Netezza / PureData – How to add comments on a table

Using the ‘Comment On’ capabilities of Netezza is an easy way to provide self-documentation within the DDL structure of a table.  This can be very helpful to developers and users, who can see the DDL of the table.  Personally, I think of it as a way to document the purpose and/or business meaning of a table.  This can be especially, when a different team may be working with tables. Also, reduce the reliance on the developer and/or user memory, or to search for the technical documentation, which may or may not be readily available.

Basic ‘COMMENT ON Table’ Syntax

The basic syntax to add a comment to a table is:

COMMENT ON TABLE <<Schema.TableName>> IS ‘<<Descriptive Comment>>’;

Example ‘COMMENT ON Table’ Syntax

COMMENT ON TABLEdate_dim IS ‘Date dimension table, which provides basic calendar date information’;

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