[HY000] ERROR: Base table/view has changed (datatype); rebuild view


Error Message

ERROR [HY000] ERROR: Base table/view ‘BLOG_LIST_TBL’ attr ‘BLOG_ID’ has changed (datatype); rebuild view ‘BLOG_LIST_VW’

What does the Error Mean?

This error means that an underlying table used by the view has changed in a way, which made the view invalid, as a result, the view must be rebuilt to reflect the new table definition.

How to Rebuild the view

In ‘Aginity for Netezza’ this process is easy, if you have a user with sufficient permissions.  The basic process is:

  • Navigate to and select the view to be rebuilt
  • Right Click, Select ‘Script’ > ‘DDL to query window’
Create DDL to Query Window
  • Once the ‘Create or Replace View’ SQL has generated, click within the SQL statement (without highlighting)
  • Press Ctrl+F5 or navigate to Execute > ‘Execute as a Single batch
Execute SQL as a Single Batch
  • Verify the ‘Create or Replace View’ SQL executes successfully
  • Then, run a simple select against the view and that Select runs without producing the HYOOO Base Table/View Error

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