Netezza / PureData – What client tools to use with Netezza


Occasionally, a client will want a list of tools to work with Netezza / PureData, other than the Netezza Administrator Client.  Honestly, there are several tools which could be used, if they have odbc and/or jdbc connectivity.  However, these are the tools which keep being used across different customers.

Open Source

For customers willing to work with an open-source tool Aginity for Netezza provides a significant set of capabilities, including script generation, which can be a significant productivity accelerator for development and operations support teams.

Aginity for Netezza

Free From IBM

For customer who does not want to work with open-source tools, then IBM Data studio is an acceptable tool and has the added benefit of being free from IBM.

IBM Data Studio

IBM Software > Products > Data management platform > Data management > IBM Data Studio

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