Blogging – Blog Post Titles Best Practices

Blogging - Blog Post Titles Best Practices

First, let me start by pointing out the fact that your blog title use is a competition.  Many may not think so, but he has on several levels, which include (at a minimum) the following:

  • Selection from a search engine listing
  • Catching the reader’s attention
  • Getting the read and navigate to your page, and
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Scoring

So, using those items as a guideline, you can see that the title of your post is important.  That is not to say, that you should spend hours worrying over it.  A few basic guidelines can help the value of your blog title.

A Meaningful Title

The most effective blog titles are:

  • As specific to your topic, as possible
  • Brief, but comprehensive
  • Avoid passive language and avoid word unhelpful to the search
  • Expresses a long-tail keyword for your topic
  • Clearly and quickly understood by the reader
  • Express what the blog means to accomplish. For example:
    • How to…
    • List of…
    • Definition of…
    • 10 way to…
    • What To…
    • Way to…
    • Do it yourself…

Blog Post Basic Title Format

The flexibility of a blog post title is both a blessing and a curse.  So, here’s a basic format that can help organize and optimize your blog post Title.

  • <<Major Subject >><<Delimiter>><<Meaningful Title>>

Major Subject

The major subject is a short one or two-word indication of the macro topic you are discussing and that your audience will understand.  For example:

  • Gardening
  • Lifestyles
  • Databases
  • Military
  • Archaeology
  • Horticulture
  • Home economics

Use a major subject also helps search engines categorize and Organize your post for users of the search Engine Service.

Blog Title Delimiters

The blog post delimiter help to divide the two parts of a title, much as if you were a manuscript for the major and minor title.  This is usually a single character, Such as:

  • The Colon (‘:’)
  • The Dash (‘-‘)
  • The Greater Than Sign (‘>’)

Example Delimiter use

  • Gardening: How to grow cherries
  • Gardening – How to grow cherries
  • Gardening > How to grow cherries
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