Business – Data Warehouse Project Plan Template

While I’m no longer a formal Project Manager, from time to time I still have the need to create a project plan or to help someone else to organize a project plan.  Usually. I find that it is easier to get to a more holistic plan faster if I have a pattern of essential tasks and milestones to work with.  So, I usually go to a template that I have assembled across time and use as an accelerator and/or job aide.   The attached project plan templates are for a common data warehouse project pattern, but by no means is intended to be the end-all of project plans; it is just a starter kick, sort of speak.

There are several reasons why projects plan patterns may vary, other than the experience and knowledge of the project planner, among them are:

  • The environment migration pattern in use
  • The application stack the of the environment
  • The tools used to manage the project plan (MS Project, JIRA, OpenProj, etc.)
  • The size and complexity of the project team

Here is the project plan mockup around Infosphere Datastage, but should be adaptable to any other ETL application.

XML Version of the Plan

OpenProj Version of the plan

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