What is a Blog?

This is one of those questions, which as a former web developer and webmaster took a while to get my mind around.  I just didn’t initially see the meaningful difference between a blog and a web page and/or a website.  Now that I have been running a few blogs for a while, perhaps it is time to answer this question.

What is a Blog?

  • Simply put, a blog is a web site.
  • Usually, a blog is focus on a singular topic or set of topic of interests to the publisher, webmaster, and/or blog administrator.

What is a Blog post?

  • A blog post is a web page, which leverages a software and community facilitated web page publishing method.

What make a Blog different from a typical web site?

  • Usually, blog sites a provider hosted (essentially, Software as a Server (SaaS)), , such as WordPress or SquareSpace, but may be self-hosted or business hosted
  • Blog publishing usually has provider and user community support to provide artistic aesthetics (e.g. themes, etc.)  and facilitation software.

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