What are the fruiting habits of strawberries?

strawberries in the vegetable garden, fruiting habits of strawberries, Everbearing, Day-Neutral,June-bearing
strawberries in the vegetable garden

Strawberries have three main types of producers which impact the timing of crops and should be considered carefully when choosing the strawberries which better meet your growing climate, your family’s garden space, and table needs. Choosing the correct strawberry type is especially important when you consider that, if properly cared for over time, you may never need to purchase plants more than once.  An excellent source of when choosing the best varieties for your area can be the State or university agricultural extension office or web site.

All strawberry varieties can be grouped into three types of strawberry producers, which are defined as:


  • The largest berry producers give a crop in June and the second crop in August until the first frost.


  • These varieties initiate and set fruit regardless of day length. Northern regions Heavy crop in June followed by a continual harvest until the first frost. In most southern states summer heat interrupts this process and two crops are obtained. Southern states usually produce a heavy crop in spring and a moderate fall crop, which continues until the first frost.


  • Produces a single enormous seasonal harvest during late spring to early summer.  June bearing strawberries ripen in May and June and are usually managed to produce a crop the season following planting. The blossoms are removed in the planting year. Runners with daughter plants produced by the mother plant that is set in spring will fill in the matted row.

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