What is a Blogger?

What are Bloggers?

I hadn’t given it much thought until recently, but blogger can be said to be ‘jack of all trades’ in that:

Bloggers are publishers

  • Yes, if you’re a blogger, you’re a publisher. Perhaps, small scale in terms of volume, being one page at a time, but publisher we are.  In reality, we are no different than a magazine or a newspaper where several contributors’ materials are consolidated into a volume or edition.  Our articles/pages are mostly consolidated across time, more like a running anthology.

Bloggers are Copy Editors

  • Bloggers make sure their makes sure that published or soon-to-be published works are free of spelling and grammar mistakes.

Bloggers are Writers

  • Just like writers, bloggers uses descriptive and engaging written language to convey information and/or entertain the reader.

Bloggers are Editorial Photographers / Photo Editors

  • Bloggers take and/or edit photos to accompany feature articles / posts.  In some cases, they even be graphic artist creation drawing and/or art to accompany their posts.

Bloggers are SEO Specialist

  • Bloggers have to choose and organize, their menus, categories, Tags/keywords, and the structure of their pages in a way search engine, like Google, can understand the content and, hopeful, give it decent place in search results concerning the blogs subject area of specialization.

And, the list could go on. By now, you should have a general idea of what a blogger is and does.  Basically, a blog can be like running one or more small businesses and can have many of the same responsibilities for advertizing, financials, etc..

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