How To Grow Sweet Dumpling Winter Squash

The Sweet Dumpling Winter Squash is a diminutive winter squash that grows to be about the size of an extra-large apple. Its light yellow flesh is sweet and incredibly delicious. This squash is highly nutritious, and is high in vitamin A and C as well as beta-carotene. Ideally, you should plant a Sweet Dumpling Winter Squash in your garden for a fall and winter harvest.

Sweet Dumpling is a very sweet, tender orange flesh and an acornish shape with ivory skin with dark green stripes. The Sweet dumpling is about the perfect size for having and filling with a meat stuffing for a nice two-person meal starter.

You can steam, microwave, or puree Sweet Dumpling winter squash. You can also bake or stuff the squash. Once it is cooked, it makes an excellent stuffed winter squash or a great pumpkin pie. It stores well, too, and is a good option for one-person meals. However, you should consider the storage time before making a pie, because Sweet Dumpling winter squash does not keep well.

Days To Maturity100-110 days
Fruit SizeA small to medium-sized squash ranging in diameter from 5 to 7 inches.
Weight¾ to 1 lb
Skin ColorIvory skin with dark green stripes
HabitMedium length vines
Seed Depth½ – 1″
Seeds Per group4 -6
Seed Spacing6″
Space Between Hills4 – 6′
Day To Germination7 – 14
Thin To (Plants Per hill)2
Year Introduced1976
UsageEdible – Very good food qualities
StorageSweet Dumpling winter squash does not keep well.
Space SaverCan be planted in your landscaping or in a very large pot.  Also, can be grown vertically.
Substitutionsubstitutes for Acorn or carnival