Care and use of harvested strawberries

When to Use Strawberries

Strawberries are highly perishable and should be used or preserved as soon as possible after harvest or purchase. If strawberries cannot be used immediately, then they should be removed from their containers and placed, single layer, in containers; and loosely covered and refrigerated. Strawberries should not be washed before refrigeration. This removes their natural protective outer layer and should be used within one to two days after refrigeration for best results.

How to Wash Strawberries

When washing strawberries leave caps (green leafy crown) on to prevent water from soaking into the strawberry, which may change the texture and flavor. Strawberries should be washed gently in cold water until all dirt and foreign material have been removed, this may require more than one washing. Once washed strawberries need to air-dry, or if pressed for time, they may be dried by the gentle use of a towel, use of a paper towel is recommended.