Tips for Handling Hot Chili Peppers

Gloved hand holding a red chili pepper
Gloved hand holding a red chili pepper

In our home, the Poblano, Serrano, and Jalapeno hot peppers are our mainstays chilies.  Especially, the Poblano which we prefer over the normal sweet peppers for its flavor. However, chili Peppers contain Capsaicin, which can be a serious irritant, if care is not taken to protect oneself.

Wearing protective gloves (latex, plastic or rubber) while working (e.g. cutting, slicing, chopping, and/or dicing) hot peppers.  If you or someone else should happen to handle the cut hot peppers with bare hands, their hands should be washed thoroughly with warm soapy water two or three times.  Be sure to wash the tips of the fingers and under the fingernails; a nail brush can helpful.

Caution:  keep small children away from chili peppers at all times while being prepared, lest they handle some and rub an eye or something.

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