Mosquito Control for the Yard And Garden

With spring around the corner, perhaps, it’s a good time to discuss those pesky mosquitoes would seem to pop up each spring.

Mosquitoes Travel

No matter how many approaches you take to control mosquitoes in your yard and garden, you need to understand the mosquitoes travel. Since mosquitoes fly, it seems fairly obvious, but some treatment strategies don’t take into account the fact that they will not be a one and done.  So, in addition to the chemical and biological hazards of mosquito control products, there is the cost of needing to have repeated applications.

Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of A Cure

The best time to control mosquitoes is before they hatch. This can be done by eliminating habitat in which mosquitoes can read and hatch. This means eliminating and/or restricting the opportunity for mosquitoes to find small pools of water in and around your yard and garden in which to lay their eggs and hatch. Here are a few approaches which can assist you greatly in reducing the number of mosquitoes in your backyard.

Eliminate Opportunities To Collect Standing Water

  • Standing can happen any number of places, including inside garden containers, pet dishes, trash, debris, toys, and long-standing pools or puddle of water.

Keep A Well-Groomed Yard

  • Grass that isn’t mowed regularly can be filled with mosquitos and other unfriendly insects.
  • The same goes for overgrown trees, bushes, and shrubbery.  Keeping trees, bushes, and shrubbery well pruned and appropriately spaced not long provides less habitat for mosquitoes, it allows air and wind to flow through and move the mosquitoes along.  Being well pruned and appropriately spaced has the added benefit of allowing for walking trails and improved plant health.

Electric Bug Zappers

  • Placing electric bug zappers with or without chemical attractants can help reduce the volume of mosquitoes in and around your common gathering places.  However, they should not be placed too near, or you may well attract more than you kill.  This is especially true when using chemical attractants.

Yard And Garden Sprays And Foggers

  • Commerical or homemade garden sprays can be helpful but must be used with care.  Not only can they be bad for the environment and beneficial insects, but they can also be harmful to people and pets in the form of allergies, asthma attacks, and long-term exposure effects.  This is true whether they are organic, homemade, or commercial chemicals.
  • Some type of spays and foggers are less toxic than the standard yard sprays and foggers.  For example, some insecticides are specifically designed for use in vegetable gardens and therefore are generally less toxic. Also, dog flea and tick shampoos, which can be purchased in bulk, are less toxic, as well, and with the addition of some unscented dish soap can last nearly as long as other insecticides.

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