Recipe – Raspberry Rhubarb Refrigerator Jam

Raspberry rhubarb is a great fruit for pies and compotes. But if you’re into cooking and want to really impress your family and guests, you should consider trying out this delicious fruit. It’s a fruit that’s popular because of the taste and texture and its somewhat delicate flavor. This fruit doesn’t have quite as much flavor as other fruits in jams and jellies, but it has a surprising amount of tartness. That’s why it’s great for blending into fruit-based sauces or even melting over some ice. This allows you to take it anywhere you might need a great fruit-based dessert.

You can use raspberry rhubarb in all kinds of different recipes. If you’re already using it in pies and fruit-based desserts, you may be missing out on a wonderful way to eat it. But if you’re not quite ready to try the fruit in its own right, you can still get great-tasting popsicles and pies made from the rhubarb.

Even if you don’t exactly consider yourself a “great” cook, giving raspberry rhubarb a try should be a fairly simple process. The tartness of the fruit will be a welcome change from any other fruits in a recipe, and once you’ve tried it, you’ll probably be able to incorporate more of it into your eating plan. The great taste of berries is one reason people tend to go with them so often when making pie and fruit-based dessert recipes. Giving it a shot and finding out what you’re really missing will make your next dessert recipe that much better.

Here is a quick recipe and easy refrigerator Jam that can be put on pancakes, scones, biscuits quickbreads or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.


  • 6 cups sliced fresh or frozen rhubarb (600g/21.3OZ)
  • 4 cups sugar (500g/18OZ)
  • 1 package raspberry gelatin (6 ounces)
  • 1 can raspberry pie filling (21 ounces)

Preparation Directions

  • Combine rhubarb and sugar in a saucepan; cover and let stand overnight.
  • The next day, simmer, uncovered, until rhubarb is tender, about 30 minutes.
  • Stir in gelatin and pie filling. Bring to a boil.
  • Remove from the heat; cool.
  • Pack in containers and refrigerate or freeze until ready to serve.