Blogging – Why You Should Post Blogs Regularly

Just as we refuel our car engines every time they are almost empty, the blogs you post on your site perform the same function. It is the medium of attracting more traffic, sure way to get new visitors to your site, and a chance to create a strong social media presence. As a result, regular posting of blogs on your site is the backbone towards a successful blogging experience.

Unfortunately, many bloggers and website owners believe blogging works like billboard advertising. They only post few quality contents and then relax expecting magic to bring their website to the limelight. This concept doesn’t work anymore. Instead, you’d need to make regular editing, promote the contents, and most importantly, add more quality contents to your blog.

When you post content regularly, it strengthens your website by ranking higher in SEO. Based on the numerous factors search engines like Google uses in ranking websites, regular content posting is one of these factors. Your site will be ranked high thereby creating a reputable online presence for your business. The highlighted below are some reasons why you should post contents regularly on your website.

Accumulation Of Page And Blog Post Volumes

Perhaps, the first good reason to publish blog posts and page updates on your site is to accumulate content volumes. All my blogs past and current, have taken about 200 posts or pages to accumulate enough volume to get consistent daily views. Additionally, as you make more posts to get easier write them and you begin to have a flow as to the nature of your articles.

Consistent Communication with Subscribers

Your audience loves it when you are in touch with them; they love to see your updates rather than them asking you about it. Your post doesn’t always need to be formal research articles, many can be informal communications of events or thoughts as they occur. Additionally, having some consistent journalizing patterns can be helpful in this category as well things like a monthly news events post.  Sometimes it is enough, depending on what your blog is about, to simply let your readers know what happened today or this week. In other cases, you may need to be a little more formal and that snippet of information. The main point is life goes on and we have daily opportunities for content.

Strong Social Media Presence

Posting content regularly helps you get discovered on social media. Regularly posting to social networks renews your content on those networks and depending on social network you choose to communicate on, such as Twitter, your communications can be short-lived as short as a few minutes.  Every time you publish new content to your social media networks you provide an opportunity for more people to find you and subscribe to your blog.

You’ll Be Active and Up To Date

If you don’t service your car when it’s due, you sure won’t enjoy the results; the same is the case here.  With blog posts, it may be even more true, because you’re likely to see your visits and your users fall off rapidly if you’re not regularly posting content. Additionally, the best blogs are generally written with some proximity of the event about which your writing or in some relation to the events in your subscribers’ lives such as holidays, major social events, major business events, and/or major life events.

Search Engines Like Active Sites And Frequent Blog Posts

While this should be a long way from the primary reason a publishing on a regular basis, it is definitely a good reason to be forward-looking in your writing, planning, and publishing. Who doesn’t like to be top of the stack in search engine results? If nobody can find you, you’re not likely to get many new subscribers or much activity on your site. The word of caution here, you need to make sure that you’re thinking holistically about search engine optimization. Far too many people spend too much time trying to manipulate the Google search engine algorithm. This is a dangerous practice for a number reasons which may include:

  • there are many Internet search engines out there,
  • Google can change or algorithm any time,
  • and attempting to manipulate the algorithm, beyond having good SEO practices, generally backfires and may result in you being penalized by search engines including Google,
  • you may be missing opportunities and other search engines for different communities if you focus on optimizing for Google.

Less cost of promotion

I’m pretty sure some people might not agree with me on this, but it is the truth. When your posts are published regularly and are shared on social media, this provides a low-cost marketing and publication stream, which is self-perpetuating. You may need to put a little extra effort into re-sharing updated content on social media if the update provides meaningful and more current information.

High Readers’ Expectation

In today’s world, there is much competition for the blog audience not only among blog publishers but also among the different media channels across the multiple devices that enable our lives. So even if you just have a hobby blog, you need to publish regularly to keep and find subscribers. This means also taking the time to update existing content and correct mistakes if they exist in your existing content. Blogs are no different than any other business, whether hobby blogs are not, it is the return customer the drives the world. Anybody can get one visit, the trick is to provide value which will make your use return again and again and to consider you to be a trusted, authoritative source on your blog topic.

Finding Posts which draw traffic

Despite what much of the writing about the subject choosing blog articles to write it is hard to predict what readers will actually read and will return to your site over and over again to get.  Return traffic and followers are an essential ingredient to a successful and long-lived blog.  Posting regularly increases the opportunity for hitting a blog post which readers will find useful and helpful.  Also, if you find enough useful and helpful post on your site, they will likely follow your post, which will be free advertising every time you post a new article.


Publishing contents regularly is the key to your blogging success. The articles, however, must be quality, informative, innovative, timely.  While many supposed blog gurus will tell you that you need to publish once a week, once a month, or whatever their particular point of view is; there’s really is no one best frequency for publishing content.  It’s more important that you publish consistently that you communicate somewhere on your blog site when you expect to publish.  Also, there can be many factors as to when you should publish:

  • perhaps first, is your choice of social media outlets each outlet has its own best day and time to publish the have the greatest availability and user response.
  • Second is when will you have the time to write the blog posts. Provide the photographs, investigate and attribute keywords/categories for the new blog posts.
  • And lastly, when do the activities relating to your blog subject regularly occur. There may be some seasonality depending on the nature of your blog as to when the major events happen which provide the content. Also, you may need to write ahead and schedule publications during those slow times or anticipation of when you are super busy and unable to write blogs. It’s