How Saving Eggshells Can Help Your Backyard Birds

Saving your eggshells and giving him a quick bake in the oven can help you while birds digestion. While birds have gizzards like chickens and usually pick up small stones to grind their food once it swallowed it. So, adding crushed eggshells to their feeders or scattering them loosely on a patch of bare ground can give them an additional source of small hard bits to help them render food. Additionally, it can provide a source of calcium for your wild birds.

Baking Eggshells

Baking eggshells to give to your birds is easy and takes only a few minutes. You need only:

  • to preheat your oven to 250°
  • place your eggshells on a tray. I usually line it with the lifts bit of aluminum foil to keep my baking tray clean to save on washing and the aluminum foil can be reused.
  • bake until the eggshells are thoroughly dry and brittle enough to crush easily with your hands once cool.

Placing Your Crushed Eggshells

as I previously mentioned, you can spread the eggshells on a patch of bare ground. You can also add them to your birdfeeders so that your birds can pick them up while they are eating any bird food you may provide be providing.

When To Give Your Birds Eggshells

you can give the baked and crushed eggshells to your birds year-round. However, spring is especially helpful is that at the time of the year when birds are laying eggs and can use an extra bit of calcium in addition to the grinding capabilities that eggshells provide. If you feel like you don’t have enough eggshells, then you may want to buy some crushed oyster shells which can be acquired from your local feed store or online and they serve the same purpose, even though they’re generally marketed for chickens, ducks and geese.

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