What to Know About the Different Types of Vegetarianism

What kind of a vegetarian are you?

If You are a vegetarian and desire to be informed about what kind of vegetarian you are, this text will be helpful with your needs. Also known as vegetarianism, vegetarianism refers to an individual who does not consume meat or fish, and other animal products in some cases, because of health, religious or moral reasons.

Vegetarians live on a diet of legumes, pulses, seeds, nuts, fruits, vegetables, algae, yeast fungi, and some other types of non-animal-based food products such as salt with, or without, honey, eggs, and/ or dairy products. Some types of vegetarians don’t consume foods that are normally produced with the assistance of, or created from, or which consist of, any body part of a dead or living animal.

Food pyramid for vegetarians

There are different categories of vegetarianism including:


Vegans are people that do not eat any kind of animal product or by-product. These people do not eat white or red meat, fowl, or egg as well as animal by-products like dairy and eggs. Vegans also do not utilize beeswax or honey, gelatin, and other types of animal by-product ingredients.

They also do not utilize items made of animal products such as clothes or shoes that are manufactured using leather, wool, and silk, or any other kind of items originating from an animal.

Lacto Vegetarian

A Lacto vegetarian refers to a person that does not consume fowl, fish, white or red meat, or eggs. Lacto vegetarians do not consume dairy products like milk, yogurt, and cheese, as well.

Ovo Vegetarian

A Person who does not eat white or red meat, fowl, fish, or eggs is known as an ovo vegetarian. However, unlike a Lacto vegetarian, an ovo vegetarian can consume egg products.

Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian

A lacto-ovo vegetarian is the common kind of vegetarianism and hence most vegetarians fall in this category. Vegetarians that fall under lacto-ovo category do not eat white or red meat, fowl, or fish. However, these vegetarians do utilize eggs and dairy products by consuming them.

What You Need to Know About Pescatarians and Pollotarians:


Pescatariansor pesceterians generally are people considered as not complete vegetarians. Though these people do limit their meat to fish as well as seafood only, they do eat white meat, red meat, or fowl. Pescatarians are considered semi-vegetarians or people that adhere to a flexitarian diet routine.


Pollotarians Are people that fall also under the semi-vegetarian category. Their diet limits meat consumption to fowl and poultry only. These people do not eat fish and seafood or meat.


Flexitarians Are people that have a primarily vegetarian diet plan yet occasionally do consume meat and fish. flexitarians do always try their best to restrict meat consumption as much as they can, and their entire diet is mostly plant-based.


Being a vegetarian is not a must. It is a matter of choice and any person desiring to be considered being any of the aforementioned vegetarians can go ahead and do so.

Different Types Of Vegetarians