A Home Cook’s Soufflé Primer

What is Souffle?

Souffle is a French name for an airy dish. The dish consists of properly cooked eggs and other ingredients.

Types of Souffles

Delicious souffle can be made in two type:

  • Savory Souffles, which contain eggs and ingredients such as fowl, fish, meat or even vegetables.
  • Dessert Souffles, which contain eggs and ingredients such as fruits, liquors, chocolate, and jams.

Are Souffles just for breakfast?

No; a soufflé dish can be served as a main dish for lunch or even dinner.  A soufflé is a flexible dish and you have a variety of ingredients with which to prepare your soufflé depending the and meals or purpose of the soufflé. 

How to serve souffle?

A souffle must be served hot and immediately after it has been cooked.

When to cook your Hot Souffle?

Savory Souffles

Souffles will start falling off (sink) as they cool. Therefore, it is best to have guests arrive before you start baking your Souffle if serving your Soufflé as part of the main meal. So, that you can serve the Soufflés as soon as your Souffle finishes cooking.

Dessert Souffles

You need to start baking souffle when your guests are midway through eating the main part of the meal. While everyone guest eating the rest of their meal you can bake the Soufflés, that way you will have the soufflé ready just in time.

Baking tips for Souffles

  • You need to bake souffle in an ungreased casserole or a baking dish. When the souffle rises, it will tend to cling to the sides of the ungreased dish where it will climb to the puffy heights.
  • Add a little lemon juice or cream of tartar to help strengthen the structure of the souffle
  • Use room temperature eggs
  • To achieve a level top on your souffle level the top by running a straight-edged knife or another kitchen tool
  • Preheat your oven and bake your souffle on the bottom rack

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