Cooking – Freeze Slightly Before Slicing meat, poultry, fish, or soft cheese

If you ever needed or wanted to get small, thin, fine cuts from a stack of bacon slices, then you likely know what I’m talking about.  Basically, even with a properly sharpened knife, it will want to slide around and not bake nice even clean cuts.  However, this is easily remedied.

The Tip

  • Chill, but do not freeze, meat, poultry, fish, or soft cheese in the freezer.

The Chilling Process

Yes, I did say freezer.  To use this tip:

  • Wrap the meat or cheese in a protective wrap (plastic wrap or freezer paper)
  • Put it in the freeze for about 20 minutes (just long enough to stiffen up the edges)
  • Set a timer (this is strongly recommended), because you really do not want the meat or cheese to freeze, only firm up enough to be easily cut without damaging you blade or being a safety risk to your fingers and hands.
  • Remove the meat and cheese from the freezer
  • Immediately, Remove the protective wrapping and place the meat or cheese on a cutting board and cut to you desired shape and size.

If your meat or child begins to soften before you finish simply repeat the process on the remainder.

Slice Meat Thinly With This Easy Trick