Cooking – Keeping Cut Herbs for Immediate Use

To store fresh herbs for immediate use, planning timing is important. For best results, fresh herbs should be used within a few hours of harvest.
To Temporarily Store Fresh Cut Herbs For Later Use:

  • Wash the herbs in cool water,
  • Shake the excess water,
  • loosely wrap the herbs in a paper towel,
  • and store in the refrigerator vegetable crisper drawer.

For longer-term storage of fresh Cut Herbs

  • Place your paper towel wrapped herbs in a micro-perforated vegetable bag and return the herbs to the refrigerator vegetable crisper drawer. This will slow the dehydration or you herbs and extend the storage life of the herbs in the refrigerator for two or three days.

Do Not Use Non-Perforated (Regular) Plastic Storage Bags

  • Herbs need to breathe and placing your herbs in a standard (non-perforated) storage, or freezer bag will cause your herbs to begin to spoil and mold almost immediately degrading the herbs shelf life, food quality and eventually food safety.