Cooking – How to Decorate a Pie Crust

Instead of a pie recipe, let us try something more creative; it’s about decorating a pie! But you don’t worry, this article will tell you all about how to decorate a pie crust.

The hardest part: Finding the courage!

Anything has to start, to reach the finishing line! Finding the right motivation and courage to bake a pie is the first step; once you are confident you can start working with the pie dough, the toppings, and finally the beautiful crust designs. Always use a pie crust that is of good quality. A pie crust consists of 3 primary things, they are liquid, fat, and flour; the ratio or the amount of each will make a big difference. The most important thing to remember is that perfect pie will take time. So be patient and give it time.

When you finish baking the pie, it’s time to make it gorgeous, and we are here to help you with that!

So let’s begin!

Creating a great crust takes more than you can think! But we will make it easy for you. To get started, get a heap of filing inspiration – from sweet and saucy fruits to classic veggie parcels and meat pies. After rubbing all the flour and butter together, blink baking, and rolling, the time comes when you turn your pie to something awesome and spectacular. Wondering how to do that?

Here are some simple ways to decorate a pie crust.

1. Patchwork Pie

First, try rolling out the pie dough and then stamp out a shape that you like. You can also try cutting the pie dough into different shaped pieces. Next, you cover the pie’s top with the pie dough pieces, making sure that you leave some gaps through which the fruits will bubble. You can try using a leaf cutter and a flower for your pie and add pie dough balls to the flowers’ center and make veins on its leaves with a knife.

2. Stamped Design

Start by rolling the pie dough on one well floured baking parchment sheet, then use the biscuit cutter for stamping out different shapes. You can try flower shapes, diamonds, little circles, or a heart cutter. Begin brushing the edge of the pie with eggs and keep the lid of the pie dough on the top. Finally, trim its edges with a scissor and decorate its rim in a way you like.

3. Midas touch

Carefully whisk the leftover egg white until frothy with a fork, which is left after making the pie dough and use that to glaze your pie. Your pie will have a golden decoration! If you want a more golden look, then whisk in some caster sugar too!

4. Snazzy Edges

Here are some ideas that will make the edges of the pie look spectacular:

Fancy fluting:

Just squeeze the edge of the pie dough around your index finger’s top, use the thumb, and another index finger. Continue working along the sides of the pie dough and it will get a professionally beautiful fluted finish.

Forked finish:

You can press down on the pie dough’s top sheet with a fork to get a very classic look. The Forked finish is simple and classy at the same time.

Deep look:

You can create depressions by pressing the edge of the pie using the back of a spoon. It’s easy and less time-consuming.

Plait together:

You can plait three thin strips together and then place them around the pie edges. Remember, this can appear fiddly and therefore, you should try doing it in four sections and join them on the pie!

Sugar love:

This is probably the easiest way to decorate a pie. You just have to sprinkle granulated sugar on the edges. It will add pretty sparkly look once the pie is baked.

Wrapping it up

Here’s a truth: The butter chunks that is often seen in the dough is a good thing! The butter should not be mixed thoroughly. There’s an explanation to it as well. When you are baking the crust, the water present in butter transforms to steam, and the steam will create flakes in that dough. If you over mix the butter in the pie dough, there will be no steam pockets, and you will not have the delicious flakiness.

There you have it!

You can now make your pie a pie-fection with these decorating ideas. It’s time that your pie becomes the star of the evening!