Recipe – Air-Fryer Carrots

Tonight, we had a couple for first time dishes, air fried carrots were a first for us, and they turned out very nicely indeed.


  • 1 lb. of fresh carrots
  • Spray Cooking Oil
  • 1 teaspoon Golden Curry Powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon White or black pepper


  • Pre-heat your air-fryer to 400 0F
  • If working with fresh carrots, wash thoroughly, trim off tops and tips
  • If desired, peel the carrots.  However, they will be more nutritious, and you will get more food value from them if you don’t peel the carrots.
  • If using larger carrots, slice them the carrots into even ¼ thick slices.  If using baby carrots, you may want to slice the larger baby carrots in half to achieve more even size.
  • Place your prepared carrots in a mixing bowl, spry carrots lightly with cooking oil and mix thoroughly until the carrots are lightly coated with cooking oil.
  • Add curry and pepper to mixing bowl and mix again until the season is evenly distributed.
  • Put Seasoned carrots into the preheated air-fryer basket and set the cooking temperature to 400 0F and cook time to 30 minutes.
  • Every five minutes stir carrots (I use tongs for this) and spray again with oil, if necessary.
  • At about 20 minutes, you will want to start checking the appearance and doneness of the carrots.
  • To test doneness, you can use a fork or toothpick, but honestly, I just sample one by eating it.  If the carrot is done, then you will be the first to sample the rewards of your efforts, and if the carrot is not done, a little raw carrot will not hurt you.
  • If the carrots are not done enough, put them back in for a few more minutes, usually, 5-minute increments, until they are the way you want the carrots.

Total Time:

  • 25 -30 minutes