Business – Importance of Dressing for Success

Having dressed up for a special occasion, did you feel a sense of confidence than normal? This is likely because you unknowingly practiced the psychology of dressing for success. Some might argue: how does something as inanimate as clothing affect your confidence? As it turns out, a lot more than you might think. In today’s article, we’re going to discuss how the way you dress affects your attitude and confidence, as well as the importance of dressing for success.

Outfits and Their Appeal to Yourself

There’s something about looking good that generates levels of confidence no matter the situation you’re in. Consider the way you felt, when you finally mustered the confidence to ask your crush out on a date, you will likely dress for the success of that situation. Haven’t you gotten dressed up and had your hair professionally trimmed and groomed before your date?  If you have ever done a task correctly or achieved a personal incentive such as a better-looking body or a healthier diet; it probably made you feel more confident or genuinely happy. Dressing for success accomplishes this same feeling because if you think you look good, then you outwardly express that same energy.

Outfits and Their Appeal to Others

On the opposite end, the way you dress is going to be perceived in such a way by other people. If you show up to your job wearing a Hawaiian shirt, khaki shorts, and some flip flops, you will express a vibe of one that is too laid back and lacking a work ethic. Not only will others think of you as casual, but you yourself might think in terms of a casual manner. Thinking casually and not professionally may hinder your work ethic, produce less of a result, and potentially end the day on a bad note.

If you dress for success, it may influence your workmates as well. When others see you actively trying to look professional and hard-working, some of that energy will cause them to wonder: “He looks great, he is working hard! Maybe I should step up my game, so the boss sees!” Though that perception is a working example, the same idea carries over to many other intentions you and your outfit may have.

How You Can Start Dressing for Success

If you like the idea of your clothes, making you think and feel more successful, then here are some tips to start dressing for success. In the morning, take the extra time to do your hair, really make sure you cleaned your teeth for a perfect smile, and ensure that you did a respectable job shaving. Next make sure your outfit stands out with an air of professionalism, tuck in your shirt just right, make sure there are no creases, and when you are satisfied, make sure that you know you look good. Your success depends on your own psychology of dressing for success. So, look good, feel good, and own the day with your professionalism – both your boss and your work-ethic will thank you.   

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