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When it comes to customer size, most PostgreSQL customers are small, with only 14% being large and 59% medium-sized. But even those who are large aren’t the only ones using PostgreSQL. The company claims to have over one million customers in a variety of industries. So how big is PostgreSQL really? Here’s a breakdown of the customer size for each of these categories.

One Word Domains

There are many companies that use PostgreSQL. Agile Worx, a technology consulting firm, is one of the most successful examples. One Word Domains, a domain name business, uses PostgreSQL to power its products. Boondockers Welcome, a travel information site, uses the same technology. Travelers can find places to stay and learn about local history. They can also save money on a real adventure by sharing their stories with others.

Boondockers Welcome

Adding PostgreSQL-based data storage is a must for any website, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. PostgreSQL is the leading database server used by these companies. It allows companies to store large amounts of data in a single, easy-to-maintain database. There are many benefits of using PostgreSQL for your business website, and Boondockers Welcome is one of them.

The community at Boondockers Welcome has many benefits. You can connect with thousands of hosts from the United States to international locations. Boondockers Welcome also features a great host directory and a supportive community. Boondockers Welcome also offers a number of other benefits. With thousands of members in the US and worldwide, this platform is a great way to grow your business.

Boondockers Welcome is an online community that connects RVers with host members. For $79 a year, it allows travelers to connect with people who share their interests. The site features a messaging service that helps travelers communicate with hosts. Hosts are located across North America, with most coming from the US, but also from Mexico and Canada. PostgreSQL-based data storage is essential to these types of businesses.

Whether you’re looking for an overnight stay or a whole week of accommodations, you’ll be able to find a place to stay at Harvest Hosts. Its partnered businesses include wineries, breweries, and museums, and is an excellent resource for travelers looking for unique accommodations. Boondockers Welcome offers an online database of over 2,900 host sites. The majority of these host locations offer electrical/water hookups.

Keyhole Software

For the past 15 years, Keyhole Software has been instrumental in the success of Northwell Health. It has helped the organization manage technological transitions and create a unified system for storing data. The company has also streamlined the implementation process, creating a streamlined application with modern technology, and improving user experience. With its help, Northwell has achieved its ambitious goals and transformed its data management process.

The team at Keyhole Software consists of expert consultants that can guide your company through the entire software development process, from custom application design to database modernization. Their consultants work with clients throughout the United States and focus on custom software development consulting. The company has developed custom applications for numerous companies, including financial institutions and insurance companies. Keyhole software has successfully adapted PostgreSQL and MySQL databases to improve workflow in the insurance claims process.

FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres

FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres comes with Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) out of the box. While other proprietary DBMS products require you to purchase additional products to enable TDE, FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres has TDE built-in. TDE solves the issue of data security at rest, and automatically encrypts data while it is written, eliminating the need for manual key management.

FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres has built-in utilities for creating database clusters. Users can specify the location on disk where backup files and copies of Write Ahead Log (WAL) are stored. Database cluster backups can be executed through Web Admin. It also automatically streams WALs and performs smart monitoring of disks, network, and server processes. As with all FUJITSU Postgres products, this database is easy to install and use.

With FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres, business users can benefit from an expansive feature set, extensible database typing, and strongest 256-bit transparent data encryption. Additionally, the system is easy to configure and is compliant with established open source interfaces. With the IBM support package, FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres can help your organization manage complexity while saving on infrastructure software. It also manages migrations.

FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres is strongly ANSI SQL:2011 compliant. It shares all of the benefits of the open-source PostgreSQL database, including full ACID compliance, inheritance, multi-version concurrency control, and clustering. Moreover, it runs on Windows, Linux, and Solaris. There is no need to install additional software. Furthermore, this system is easy to install, which means that your company will be up and running in no time.

FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres is a highly secure and flexible database solution that reduces costs by removing reliance on expensive legacy databases. This system provides high availability, scalability, and cost-effectiveness, allowing businesses to use it on hybrid cloud environments. In addition, the software is open-source and highly secure, making it a good choice for a business that is looking to modernize its applications and reduce IT infrastructure costs.

FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres for Kubernetes turbocharges ISV containerization capabilities and provides all critical capabilities to meet the needs of modernization and software containerization for organizations. Additionally, it provides advanced features such as multi-cloud support and multiple namespaces, which allow you to deploy the application on any cloud. It is also easy to manage. With a modern approach and streamlined architecture, this application will simplify your workload and improve efficiency.

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