Can You Freeze Cilantro? Here’s What You Need to Know

Cilantro is a very popular herb today. Many people use it after they’ve finished cooking various dishes to add some flavor. Some individuals can’t even get enough of this plant. But since cilantro usually comes in a bigger bunch than you would use one time, can you freeze to store it? Yes, you can! You can freeze cilantro so that it’s always available when you want to use it.

Even though there are several methods of freezing this fantastic plant, we’re going to look at the most suitable one – freezing cilantro in cubes. It ensures both the plant’s flavor and green color are maintained.

Preparation for Freezing

The first and most important step is finding the freshest cilantro you can get. If you’re buying at a grocery store, take a sniff test. The bunches with the strongest scent are the freshest, and they won’t disappoint when you decide to use them. The next step is washing your cilantro. Since it may be carrying dirt and dust, washing thoroughly ensures these substances do not get into your food. After cleaning, shake to remove the water. You can use paper towels to absorb any remaining water droplets.

The Actual Process of Freezing Your Cilantro

What you need: A blender, spoon, olive oil/water, and some ice cube trays

  • Tear the cilantro leaves from the stems. You can also include the stems because they also carry some flavor. Since you’re going to blend everything, the stems won’t end up looking like sticks.
  • Put the cilantro in a food processor or blender. Since we want to end up with a puree, a liquid must be present, and this is where water or olive oil comes into play. The good thing about using oil is that it helps to preserve the leaves’ green color, and also, it acts as a barrier between the leaves and the freezer.
  • Whirl the cilantro until you have your puree. Using a spoon, scoop the puree, and put it into the ice cube trays. Freeze for a few hours until the cubes become solid.
  • Transfer the cubes to a zip-lock bag. Squeeze out any air present and put the bag in the freezer for long-term storage.

You now have cilantro that you can use anytime you want. Whenever you need it, you just pop one or several cubes out, defrost them and use. Sometimes defrosting may not even be necessary; if you’re cooking some soup or stew, you just drop the cubes inside, and they’ll be defrosted in seconds. And as we mentioned earlier, there are several ways of freezing your cilantro, such as putting the leaves in a bag and placing it in the freezer. However, freezing in cubes is the best method.