Gardening – Commonly Grown Microgreens

Microgreens can be grown from a large variety of seeds coming from an assortment plant types. The most common types of microgreens are grown using seeds of these basic types:

  • Amaranthaceae: Amaranth, quinoa swiss chard, beet and spinach
  • Amaryllidaceae: Garlic, onion, leek
  • Apiaceae: Dill, carrot, fennel, and celery
  • Asteraceae: Lettuce, endive, chicory, and radicchio
  • Brassicaceae: Cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, watercress, radish, and arugula
  • Cereals: Rice, oats, wheat, corn, and barley
  • Cucurbitaceae: Melon, cucumber, and squash
  • Legumes:  Chickpeas, Mung beans, beans, and lentils

Microgreens differ in taste, including neutral to spicy, slightly sour, or even bitter, depending on the variety. Generally speaking, the flavor of microgreens is considered to be stronger and more concentrated.

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