Are Beautyberry Edible?

The other day the neighbor was asking me if beautyberries were edible, because he’d like to apply the good neighbor gardening rule. I actually hadn’t thought about what the American beautyberries were edible or not and had to look this fact up. Now that I’ve gone to the trouble of looking it up, I thought I would share this small snippet of information for any other gardeners who may be growing beautyberries and their landscape.

Are American native plant edible?

American beautyberries are an American native plant and are edible and can be used in any number of recipes including muffins, cupcakes, jams and preserves, pie, and wine, among other things.

 When are American beauty Barry edible?

The American beauty Barry becomes edible in late summer and early fall when they have reached their full mature purplish color. The American beautyberry is known by several names among them are French mulberry, sourbush, bunchberry, and purple beautyberry.