Poetry – Summer Flowers

“The desert shall rejoice, and blossom as the rose.”


Be-hold the flow-ers of June! how fair
And bright their buds ap-pear,
As, open-ing to the sum-mer air,
Our eyes and hearts they cheer!

Who would have thought there could a-bound
Such beau-ty and de-light
Be-neath the cold and win-try ground
That hid those flow-ers from sight?

That pow-er which made and governs all—
The might-y pow-er of God—
A-lone could life and beau-ty call
Out of the life-less sod.

And He, who from the Win-ter’s gloom
Can Sum-mer thus dis-close,
Shall one day make the de-sert bloom,
And blos-som as the rose.