Cooking – Home Cook Tips for Improving A Box Cake Mix

Home Cook Tips for Improving A Box Cake Mix

Baking from scratch takes time, patience, and precision. You have to sift, measure, and mix different ingredients before whipping up a cake or bread. But if you’re short on time and have to prepare a quick dessert or some impromptu cupcakes for your kids’ school sales day, cake mix makes it easier and convenient to prepare the delight. And the good thing is, you don’t have to be a pro to make fun treats for your family.

But if you ask most culinary experts, they’ll tell you that the traditional box cake mix always stands a little improvement. Luckily, mixes are incredibly easy to soup up or substitute an ingredient here and there to improve the cake’s texture, flavor, and nutrition. We’ll show you how to make box cakes better by turning store-bought cake mixes into amazing desserts that taste fresh and homemade. And don’t worry, most of these extra ingredients are staple pantry foods.

Add more Eggs

Standard cake mixes come with hydrated eggs as an ingredient. The problem is, by using it as it is, you end up getting a stiff, almost spongy, eggy-tasting cake that is no fun. Adding an egg or two unravels all the proteins in it and makes your cake fluffier and lighter.

So if the boxed cake mix says three eggs, try adding an additional two yolks to boost the protein and fat level in the mix. This adds richness to your cake and ensures that you get an ultra-moist, fluffy and whiter cake.

Add hot water to chocolate boxed mix

Boxed cake mix recommends the use of cold water as the primary wet ingredient. Consider using hot water to develop the cocoa flavor in the chocolate boxed mix. The hot water will really pop and ‘wake-up’ the chocolate flavor.

Replace Water with Dairy or Coffee

Instead of using water as the wetting ingredient, consider using milk or coffee to enhance the flavor of your cake. Milk helps you get a fattier, moist, well-flavored, and more homemade cake.

If you’re looking for a deep, dark chocolate cake, consider adding strong brewed coffee to the cake mix. Coffee enhances and deepens the flavors in a chocolate cake. You won’t believe the difference it makes!

Butter Is Better

Most box cake recipes recommend the use of canola or vegetable oil to bake. The problem is, these oils have no flavor. Replace the oil with melted butter to boost the flavor and richness of your cake. Butter also helps you get a more bakery-like quality and texture because butter creates and helps the cake maintain its shape when it is cooked. Butter can help prevent the formation of uneven cakes because it provides an even surface—butter aids in preserving the taste, texture, and appearance of a cake. In fact, it is this consistency which butter allows cakes to have a smooth surface and prevents cake batter from being too dense. Besides butter’s ability to not brown the cake, butter is important to the taste and flavor of the cake, which is why most bakers use full fat or butter.

Use Ghee Instead

Ghee is very similar to olive oil, which is the cooking oil used in most recipes worldwide. Ghee has a buttery taste, a distinct roasted, and a nutty fragrance. It’s an easy, tasty swap for butter or olive oil in cakes. Another great benefit of ghee in baking is the properties that make it an excellent emulsifier eliminating lumps and bumps from baked goods.

Add Mayonnaise, Yogurt Or Sour Cream

You can add Mayonnaise or Sour Cream to improve the taste and flavor of your cake. A few tablespoons of mayo will ensure that your cake stays delicious and moist for longer. Consider adding yogurt or sour cream to get a cake with a little bit of tang. Yogurt and sour cream helps improve the taste, texture, and flavor of your cake. These add-ins will turn your boxed cake from drab to fab in no time.

Add Instant Pudding Mix

If you want to mask the taste and texture of your boxed cake and get a made-from-scratch structure, try adding a packet of instant pudding. A box of Jello pudding helps make the cake rich, dense, and super delicious while keeping it super moist and soft.

Make Your Frosting from Scratch

If you don’t have the time to make your cake from scratch, consider getting creative with your frosting. Homemade frost helps take away the basic flavors of boxed cake to create a luscious, handmade delight. You can use high-quality butter and pure vanilla extract to make an out-of-the-box buttercream.

Get Creative with Mix-Ins

You can amp up your cake mix with flavor boosters such as orange zest, lemon, sprinkles, chocolate chips, almond, chopped nuts, vanilla extract, leftover candy, soda, or seasonal jam. Your choice here is pretty unlimited.

Add Some Lemon

To make a cake with a citrus punch, add some juice or lemon zest to your yellow cake to improve the flavor of your dessert. The lemon tartness masks the sugary taste of the mix while adding a new twist to the flavor. But avoid adding lemon to chocolate cakes.

Brush the Baked Cake With Simple Syrup

Simple syrup or flavored syrup helps to add and seal in moisture in your cake. The liquid syrups seep in the cake pores and cracks to give it an extra tender bite and a bit of flavor. To ensure that the syrup soaks in well, try poking around the cake, brush the syrup and let it soak in.

Brush The Baked Cake With Milk Or Heavy Cream

Brushing the cake lightly with milk, condensed milk, or heavy cream to add in moisture in your cake. The milk seep in the cake pores and cracks to give it an extra moist bite and a bit of flavor. If you choose to use or sweeten the milk or heavy cream this will make the cake a little sweeter, as well as moister. ensure that the milk, condensed milk, or heavy cream soaks in well, try poking around the cake, brush the s milk, condensed milk, or heavy cream and let it soak in.  Also, a little goes a long way, so, consider starting with a little and increasing the milk, condensed milk, or heavy cream brushed in until you find the level which appeals to your families’ taste.

A Some Powdered Dehydrate Berries

Adding some powered dehydrated berries (e.g. dried strawberries) to berry flavored cakes will add some nutrition, flavor, texture, and color to the box cake mix.  Using the same or a compatible berry flavor and color will give your cake a step up.

Add Some Powdered Milk

Powdered milk offers fat, protein, and flavor in a medium that doesn’t mess with the liquid portion of your baking, adding a bonus layer of richness, sweetness, and creaminess to pretty much any treat. 

Replace Cooking Oil

When box cake mixes call for adding cooking oil, you can increase nutritional value and and favor of the cake by reducing or substituting for some or all of the cooking oil.

Unsweetened Apple Sauce

I have used unsweetened apple sauce to replace cooking oil in baking for years and these days in my first choice for upping the nutrition and keeping the moister levels of baked items.

Use Olive Oil

Olive oil is a good substitute for cooking oil which adds a richness similar butter to baking but keeps the cooking oil characteristics.

Add Jam, Jelly, Preserves or Fruit Butter

Adding some jam, jelly, preserves or fruit butter is an obvious choice which often overlooked even though we frequently see it used. Jam, jelly, preserves or fruit butter can be added to a cake in a multitude of ways, among them are:

  • Simply mix it into the batter, like a Raspberry Sacher Torte
  • For eye appeal, make a swirl cake
  • Use them as layer cake filling
  • Use then as filling in a swiss jelly roll
  • and last be not least use them as a cake topping or glaze

Conclusion For Improving A Box Cake Mix

You can make a fluffy, delicious cake that tastes like the one from the bakery by getting creative with the boxed cake mix. Try swapping and adding various ingredients to your cake mix to give it a fresh, homemade flavor, structure, and taste.

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