Major U.S. Makers Of Olive Oil

You probably have a bottle of olive oil in your cabinet made in Italy, France, Chile, or even Spain. But do you know that there are genuine producers of olive oil in the U.S.?

Well, check out these facts about U.S. makers of olive oil;

  • Olive oil has been produced in the U.S. for over 150 years
  • There are over 45,000 acres of olive exclusively reserved for the production of olive oil in the U.S.
  • Major producers of olive oil are in California, Texas, Georgia, Arizona, Oregon, Hawaii, and Florida
  • 5% of the olive oil consumed in the U.S. is locally produced

From these facts, you can indeed get natural olive oil produced locally. The best thing about buying locally-produced olive oil is that you are assured of food quality, safety, and green friendliness.

What’s more, by buying olive oil from U.S. makers, you will be supporting the American economy for both merchants and growers.

Here are the top American olive oil producers you can buy from;

1. Bari Olive Oil Company

Bari Olive Oil has been in existence since 1936. This family-run business is currently in the 5th generation, and recently, they have launched organic extra-virgin olive oil. The company is located in Dinuba, California.

You can order you olive oil packaging from this company here-

2. Texas Olive Ranch

This is another large producer of olive oil in the U.S. They are located in Carrizo Springs, Texas, and maintains an olive ranch with over 40,000 olive trees.

This company grows a variety of olives, including Mission, Baroni, Arbosana, Arbequina, and Sevillano. Their olive oil is cold-pressed.

You can buy your bottle from their official site-

3. California Olive Ranch

This is another large producer of extra virgin olive oil in the U.S. With over 6,000 acres of olive ranches, the company produces a significant percentage of oil made in California. This ranch grows three varieties of olives, including fruity Arbequina, Koroneiki, and nutty Arbosana.

You can order a bottle of premium blends or all-purpose olive oil from their official site-

4. Georgia Olive Farms

Located in Lakeland, Georgia, a place that has been nicknamed the “Olive Belt,” Georgia Olive farms have been producing olive oil that is being used in some of the renowned restaurants in the South.

Gorgia Olive Farms was established in 2009 and has grown to become one of the best and most trusted U.S. makers of olive oil.

You can purchase a bottle directly at