Why grow your own vegetables

Many organizations highlighted the importance of viewing agriculture as a strategic and multi-functional sector. Today, the chief goal is to modernize and make it more competitive. But sadly, that also means the use of pesticides, fungicides, and harmful chemicals. As well as the abysmal intensive exploitation of the soil.

In some of the latest reports, the World Health Organization (WHO) listed some health risks. Especially those related to trace of chemicals in our foods and manufacturing processes.

The benefits of Urban and Suburban Gardening

Today, creating an organic vegetable garden is simpler than ever. Here is all you need to know about the benefits of urban farming. Without effort, you can begin to grow a small vegetable garden in your city. And even on the balcony of your home.

Your vegetable garden is additive-free. Not all crops are organic, and not all organic crops are free of additives. Moreover, additives can lead to heart problems, headaches, diabetes, and hyperactivity.

No use of pesticides or processed chemicals; smart, organic urban farming does not poison people, the environment, or the product. As a result, the soil can rest and naturally feed its microorganisms.

You always know what you eat. In reality, chemical fertilizers are not the only thing that can enter your foods. For example, some farmers add antibiotics and hormones to enhance their crops. But, they force plants to grow fast and not develop according to nature. So, these veggies are usually tasteless and not nutritious.

And finally, the biggest benefit of all is putting fresh, healthy, and locally sourced food on your table. And if your garden patch is large enough, you may even be able to preserve some by freezing or canning or dehydrating to eat even in the non-gardening season.

The benefits of Rural gardening

On the farm in rural America is where I learned the garden, and we always had a large vegetable garden to feed ourselves, which may have mostly been because we only went to town about once a month. But we always grew enough in our vegetable gardens to have food on our tables even when times were hard and to stock our pantries, freezers, and root cellars with the bounty of our garden and our labor.

In rural gardening, typically, there is more space to work with it more opportunity to grow wider varieties, including heirlooms, and use organic fertilizers from your own livestock, if you happen to have any.

The positive effects on your life

Healthy veggies can lead to a more salutary lifestyle. For instance, the lack of dangerous chemicals lowers the risk of health problems. Instead, they use of pesticides presents different levels of toxicity for humans. Organic farming ensures maximum reduction of exposure to all sorts of risks.

Growing your fruits and vegetables gives you tastier foods. That is, every bad thing you do not put in the soil helps your veggies to achieve the perfect flavor. On balance, you might wait longer to let them fully grow ripe. But, the culinary result is well worth the wait.

Food safety and environmental quality go hand in hand. Usually, the safer your veggies, the more sustainable the agricultural system is. Indeed, organic and conventional farming models are very different. By choosing organic, urban farming methods, you respect the environment.

You can save money. On a planet with limited natural resources; an ecological crisis is not something that belongs to the sci-fi genre. Based on the current model with a high withdrawal and consumption of natural resources, growing your veggies is a wise decision to make. At the very least, it is responsible and sensible behavior.


A few pots on your balcony could get you started right away. For one thing, growing your fruits and veggies let you learn the benefits of organic farming first-hand. You eat healthily and avoid the intake of harmful additives. In the end, you get brand-new know-how that helps you to grow tastier food. As well as showing more respect for the environment thanks to sustainable farming practices.

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